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Grano – Cotton cover

Vibieffe Grano is a 100% cotton fabric, available in multiple variants with neutral, earthy, trendy colours.

The textile is made of 100% cotton with a tightly-woven texture.

Grano, cover for both essential and traditional design

Grano is the ideal cover for upholstered furniture with basic lines and rational volumes, well defined and clean-cut. The Grano covers have a particularly fresh feel thanks to the fabric entirely made of cotton. They are a natural choice for informal as well as elegant interior design.

The fabric has a tightly-woven texture and can convey an extremely comfortable feel. The variety of colours makes it suitable for both traditional and contemporary interior design.

Cotton cover for great warmth and elegance

The Grano upholstery fabric can cover both contemporary and essential as well as classical elements of interior design.

Vibieffe Grano is a fabric that pairs the elegance and freshness of cotton with an easy care. It is suitable for every Vibieffe sofa, armchair, small armchair, chair, sofa bed, bed, ottoman, chaise-longue, furnishing accessory to design your living room, lounge rooms, kitchen in your home, holiday house, office as well as hotels, self-catering apartments, events and scenic design. It has passed the cigarette and match test.

All Vibieffe covers have been designed to be completely removable from the piece of furniture they cover, easy to maintain and can be totally replaced if needed, for a longer life of upholstered furniture.

List Cat. EXTRA
Composition 100% cotton – cigarette test
Martindale 21.000 cycles
Resistance to light 5
Washing and Ironing

The real colour tones of materials can differ from the reality because of the digital conversion process. They change according to the quality of the monitor used and they depend on the video board configuration.

Vibieffe manufactures sofas, armchairs, sofa beds and furnishing accessories in Lissone and provides interior design solutions for living rooms, lounge rooms and bedrooms in your home, holiday houses, villas, hotels or self-catering apartments, scenic design, events and photo shoots.