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Maintenance - Alcantara® washing instructions

General stain removal standard

Act immediately.

Reduce the stain by working from the edge towards the centre, in order to avoid spreading.

Gently remove most of the dirt using a knife or spoon, and blot immediately with a clean white cloth.

Once the stain has been spotted, act in accordance with the instructions in the table.

If using a solvent, never apply directly to the stained part but on a clean cloth.

After applying the stain remover, remove with a clean, dry cloth, then brush in opposite direction to pile lay.

Leave to dry and do not lean or sit on the damp part.

When dry, apply vacuum cleaner with soft brush to restore pile.

Fabrics washing instructions

Handwash with water at 40°C with neutral soap.
Do not bleach.
Dry clean with perchloroethylene.
Iron at low temperature.
Do not tumble dry.
Stain removal guide

Alcohol, spirits:
wash with soap foam, then clean with diluted methylated spirit (10-20%)

Drinks, wine:
sponge with vinegar and water (50%) then wash with soap foam.

Biro, shoe polish, tarmac, pine cone resine, chewing gum:
sponge with absorbant fabric soaked in ethyl alcohol 90° or turpentine oil (white spirit).

sponge with warm water (max 40°C) to which 3% methylated spirit has been added.

Coffee, tea, milk:
wash with soap foam. If the stain remains, clean with diluted ammonia (10%).

Chocolate, sweets, blood:
sponge with warm water (max 40°C) and 5% diluted ammonia.

oil colour: clean with turpentine, then wash with soap foam.

wash with soap foam. In any case if the stain is old and therefore very difficult to remove ask an expert.

generally, only wash with soap foam, in case of persistent stains, use ethyl alcohol 90° or 5% diluted ammonia.
Do not ever use nail polish remover or any other solvent for nail vamish.

Grass, vegetables:
sponge with warm water (max 40°C) then wash with soap foam.

remove as much as possible with blotting paper, clean with 20% methylated spirit and wash with soap foam. Sometimes lemon juice gives good results. In case of persistent stains ask an expert.

Jam, syrup, fruit juice:
sponge with warm water (max 40°C). If the stains remains, use ethyl alcohol 90°.

Oil, grease:
dry cleaning.