e-news / August 2016

New mood boards for Vibieffe's sofa, armchair and sofa bed covers

We have recently presented our new collection of sofas, armchairs, sofa beds, beds and furnishing accessories. Brand new Vibieffe covers and upholstery fabrics are part of this collection too. We are currently preparing three different mood boards, that is our three proposals of new upholstery fabrics to cover sofas, armchairs, sofa beds and beds.

Guiding your customer in choosing the most suitable covers

Upholstered furniture manufacturers sometimes merely show their customers possible cover options suitable for the sofa or armchair they are buying, leaving them alone and free in their final choice without any help and without caring about the final use or place of destination of the piece of furniture, not even knowing if there's a design project involved to accomplish.

No doubt that customers must have the final word on their purchase and decide about every detail of the product they are choosing; also, when it comes to colors, design, fabrics and general feel, personal taste is what really matters, above all.

However, leaving customers on their own in a labyrinth of materials and colors, giving them the responsibility of choosing the right cover, is a kind of freedom that would need some expert advice. In fact, I think it is important (and a remarkable sign of distinction for manufacturers) to provide for a customer's guide to choose the most suitable sofa, armchair, sofa bed or bed but also and above all the most suitable cover that is going to be the definite, distinctive mark of the upholstered piece of furniture.

Covers that create personality

A lot of our sofas, beds, sofa beds and armchairs represent that idea of design that refers to minimalism, whose design has smooth and elegant lines. This characteristic allows Vibieffe's creations to add a distinctive character to any furnishing style and any kind of space; Vibieffe customers' home furnishings can be traditional or contemporary, or informal, or minimalist and they are all equally demanding.

With minimalist design solutions, Vibieffe's sofas, armchairs, beds and sofa beds can perfectly fit spaces of any style. Minimalist design lets their personality stands out. And it's the proper choice of upholstery fabrics and colors that makes such personality turns into uniqueness.

Three mood boards for three different interpretations of living rooms

That's why we are proposing Vibieffe's new collection of upholstery fabrics as a combination of multiple fabrics. We are not presenting a single fabric but a whole mood board with a complementing fabrics, as we want to make the choice easier from a selection of fabrics that can be freely combined, following a main theme. We have created three mood boards so far: Tramonto, Aurora, Oceano.

Tramonto, Aurora and Oceano are mood boards arranged with a uniform selection of velvets, linens, cottons and new synthetic materials mixed with natural fibres; this selection can help less experienced customers choose the right match for cushions, seats, backrests, ottomans and product details.

Browsing through this short selection, you will just have to choose between cotton's elegance and freshness or linen's and mixed fibres' fascination or wool's warmth and softness or maybe velvet's thrill and most of all the most suitable colours that can add personality to the spaces you are going to furnish.

Mood board Tramonto

This selection created for living rooms, bedrooms and living rooms proposes soft shades of grey combined with touches of bright colors such as red, yellow and orange that can bring a feeling of excitement and freshness, dynamism and brilliance into the room. We have called this mood board 'Tramonto' (Sunset). It fits a contemporary and dynamic style but it can also be suitable for more traditional design solutions.

Mood board Aurora

This mood board's main theme is the Earth and its natural colors, the light, its warm shades, just like a dawn (Aurora) that lights up the start of the day. This selection proposes basic shades of beige and brown for living rooms and bedrooms, combined with pink, cream, beige and warm and soft colors to create complex chromatic fusions.

This selection inspires feelings of warmth, protection and brightness. The mood board Aurora is equally suitable for traditional and contemporary design solutions.

Mood board Oceano

Oceano's main theme is the sea and its natural colors, with cold shades of blue and grey, inspired by the Ocean's waves in their endless movement.

This selection, created for living rooms and bedrooms, proposes basic shade of grey and blue that can be matched as needed, combining brighter and darker shades, dark or light blue tones, simpler or more complex weaves and motifs, bringing to the spaces a formal and traditional feel, as well as desire to live intensely one's one place, mainly choosing more formal and traditional design solutions.

The covers we have presented are suitable for every Vibieffe sofa, armchair, small armchair, chair, sofa bed, bed, ottoman, chaise-longue, furnishing accessory to design your living room, lounge rooms, kitchen in your home, holiday house, office as well as hotels, self-catering apartments, events and scenic design.

All Vibieffe covers have been designed to be completely removable from the piece of furniture they cover, easy to maintain and can be totally replaced if needed, for a longer life of upholstered furniture.

Vibieffe manufactures sofas, armchairs, sofa beds and furnishing accessories in Lissone and provides interior design solutions for living rooms, lounge rooms and bedrooms in your home, holiday houses, villas, hotels or self-catering apartments, scenic design, events and photo shoots. Manufacture, elegance, fineness, quality and style 100% Made in Italy.

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