e-news / March 2017

Vibieffe and Made in Italy in Singapore

Vibieffe brings made in Italy at IFFS 2017 - Singapore from 9th to 12th March 2017

Vibieffe will participate at IFFS Singapore from 9th to 12th March. IFFS is one of the most important furniture and design Fairs in the the Far East, strongly oriented to trade buyers and professionals in furnishing, design and interior architecture.

Vibieffe's international and export-led character inspires us to explore new markets, reach a new public, new spaces and cultures. IFFS Singapore is without any doubt one of the key moments to present our company and get in touch with new regions.

"The Italian Hospitality" by Arch. Giulio Cappellini

At IFFS Singapore, "The Italian Hospitality", the booth designed by Arch. Giulio Cappellini, will represent different rooms and examples of hospitality.

The booth's different areas will be designed and furnished according to the standards of interior design made in Italy, showing the excellence of Italian know-how. For a complete and real Made-in-Italy experience, representatives of Italian cuisine will participate too.

"The Italian Hospitality" at IFFS Singapore 2017 will not only be a contemporary showcase of a selection of products made in Italy but also a cultural and sensorial experience offered by Italy to the Far East.

Vibieffe in the world

Vibieffe is an important and successful reality in the hospitality industry worldwide. Thanks to our sales agents and distributors, we operate in Asia, have representatives in the most important eastern countries, such as Russia and China. We already have a network that allows us to ship our products to every country in the world.

Most of our design solutions and our products, such as sofas, armchairs, beds, furnishing accessories are destined to the hospitality industry and business premises such as offices, receptions, clubs, V.I.P. lounges, hotels and often yachts.

Hospitality, hosting, offices and public spaces

Our sofas are often destined to furnish large hospitality spaces such as receptions and hotel halls, holiday resorts, bars and elegant clubs, as well as big companies' receptions, meeting rooms, conference rooms, prestige executive offices.

Designing prestige hotel suites

Vibieffe's beds are often selected to furnish suites in major international hotel chains. Not only our beds' elements are easy to combine and are extremely versatile in all the available versions but they are also appreciated for their clean and linear design.

Beside an unmistakable made-in-Italy design, the winning ingredients of our proposals are the top-quality materials, covers and paddings and the products' versatility in fitting different design solutions.

Furnishing Yachts

The branch's segment that particularly enhances Vibieffe's sofas, beds and armchairs is the specific production destined to furnishing big yachts. It allows us to express the quality of materials and covers to their maximum extent and also express our ability in designing custom solutions to furnish spaces, choose furnishing products, their sizes, fabrics, colours. Designing a yacht with Vibieffe's sofas often requires in the first place our experts' advice and planning, so that we can offer our experience and provide custom solutions that will perfectly fit spaces of such awesome beauty, comfort, style and quality.

What is Vibieffe presenting at Singapore?

At IFFS Singapore we are bringing our manufacturing experience in top-level business contexts. We will be presenting the typical made-in-Italy know-how, expressed through three main elements:

- The value of our ideas: we deeply believe that a product's design and planning is the result of creativity and experience in motion and the choice of excellent materials. We are presenting the results of this method.

- Details of excellence: every single product of ours is manufactured with the utmost care for materials and how they are treated, always providing products that embody details of excellence in the first place. Browse through the images on our website to see the details of our sofas, armchairs and beds (http://www.vibieffe.com/prodotti/index.html)

- Quality and times of production: every creation by Vibieffe has been handcrafted. Allowing hand-crafted production to take its time allows us in turn to provide for excellent solutions and realize exactly what customers ask for, meeting their demands to the greatest extent.

In Singapore, we will present three of our most recents products dedicated to the trade buyers' segment: the 5000 Queen bed, the 9400 Ribbon small armchair, the 980 Class armchair.

Vibieffe manufactures sofas, armchairs, sofa beds and furnishing accessories and provides Made-in-Italy interior design solutions for your home, villas, hotels or self-catering apartments.

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