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Different types of mechanism, all tested for long lasting: the result of years of research, innovation and development of advanced technologies, always safe and reliable solutions with five years guarantee. With wooden slats, are always produced with non-toxic materials in compliance with the environmental protection rules and non-toxic and not harmful to humans.


Inserting and self-carrying bed frame. Orthopedic bed base with multi-layer dried beech wood staves 68 mm. High resistance steel
structure 40x30 mm. Furnace painting with epoxy powder in steel grey color.


More space in addition with a simple movement to the front tilting lifting of Simple slatted base, you access the container unit.
Rectangular tubular structure mm 30x40 and beechwood slats.

Rete Pratik

More space in addition with Pratik, slatted base with double handling. A front tilting lifting to access the storage and horizontal
lifting to facilitate to make the bed. Rectangular tubular structure mm 30x40 and beechwood slats.

Bed frames

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