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The various types of mechanisms are all tested for a long-term performance. They are the result of research and innovation, development and advanced technologies, finding safe solutions that are reliable and guaranteed for five years.
Whether they have elastic belts, electro-welded springs or wooden slats as for the "eco-wood", all of our products are made with materials in compliance with Environmental Laws, non-toxic or harmful to human beings.

The five-year guarantee is offered with all products having electro-welded bedsprings
  • Tubular structure ( 1,2 mm to 1,5 mm ) with epoxy-polyester powder coating in a metallic aluminum grey colour
  • Electro-welded bedspring with steel rods, epoxy-polyester powder coating in grey/blue colours
  • Seat base with elastic belts in polypropylene fabric and natural latex rubber thread
  • Galvanized steel tension springs

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