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Each Vibieffe product is delivered with:

Guarantee and Quality Certificate

Product data sheet

Vibieffe guarantees the structures of its armchairs and sofas for five years from date of purchase; under the terms foreseen by the guarantee any replacement or repair of defective or unusable parts acknowledged by the Company will be made on a no cost basis. The Quality Certificate attests the accurate selection by a skilled manpower of the materials used to manufacture each upholstered piece of furniture; the wooden structure, the polyurethane used in padding, the goose feather and the polyester fibre used in cushions, all types of leathers and the fabrics used for the covers.

This sheet thoroughly illustrates the technical characteristics of the product. Moreover a free sample of the chosen fabric or leather is added, alongside a careful description of the fabric composition and required maintenance. Some careful instructions are provided to preserve the product with the passing of time.

Assembling instructions

Instructions for use

Some products need this sheet specifying how to assemble the various components.

Opening instructions are available for pull-out sofa beds. Some products also come with assembly instructions for some parts.