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Emery Leather

Leather is one of the most ancient materials ever used by mankind. It has been used through centuries, creating countless objects with numerous techniques and great craftsmanship. Today, leather is still one the most precious and fine materials that requires long hand-manufacturing processes and that takes along uniqueness of handcrafted quality.

Emery Leather

01 optical white

03 ice white graige

08 black

19 sand

26 dark grey

10 natural

18 grey

30 tobacco

20 olive green

05 brown

12 red

04 dark brown

Exactly because of the long and peculiar technical processes in manufacturing leather, it is worth to know that its porous surface, the scars, the wrinkles and the different shades of tone are not faults but an integrating part of the history and manufacture that brought to life that unique and inimitable piece.

Vibieffe chooses leather to provide a peculiar feel to touch, sight and smell. Balancing design, functionality and appearance, we use leather on sofas, armchairs, coffee tables only for inserts, details, finishes, segments, covers. A leather detail makes the emotion given by elegant and custom interior design solutions even more vivid.

Leather inserts are available in a range of colors that recall the natural tones of leather.

The real colour tones of materials can differ from the reality because of the digital conversion process. They change according to the quality of the monitor used and they depend on the video board configuration.

Vibieffe manufactures and designs Italian style: sofas, armchairs, sofa beds, beds, furnishing accessories and designer lamps for top quality interior design created by Italian designers in Milan for a purely made-in-Italy style. Also for villas, hotels, offices and any other business space.