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Vibieffe covers complement and deliver personality to every sofa, armchair, chairs, sofa bed, bed, ottoman, chaise longue and furnishing accessory. Many Vibieffe covers are made to be completely removable from the piece of furniture they cover.

The array of covers and colours available is wide and varied. You can choose from endless proposals of leathers and fabrics, shades and textures, fibres and finishes. Also, every Vibieffe upholstery fabric comes in a wide range of colours, from relaxing soft shades to more vivid and distinctive colours, both in trendy and classical shades.

Covers to complement or accent your sofa or armchair

Our upholstery fabrics can cover your sofa to fit your demands and needs. Vibieffe covers can match every interior design, environment, style and personality of the space you wish to design. Choosing the right cover can put an accent on your sofa or armchair which become the focal point of the living space, creating a dinamic look thanks to contrasting colours.

Top quality leathers, in endless shades of colours

Vibieffe has focused special attention on the selection and treatment of leather covers. Leather covers chosen for Vibieffe creations come from top quality materials, resulting from a careful selection of european leathers.

After selecting raw materials, leathers used for our covers are submitted to long manufacturing processes to achieve a finished product that is soft, fine and particularly resilient to use and stress.

The wide array of leather colours to choose from is really unique. Vibieffe leather covers are available in 65 variants for the same kind of leather and this represents a unique offer, chromatically exhaustive.

A complete catalogue with a collection of hundreds of fabrics and leathers

The upholstery fabrics presented on this website is only a selection from the unabridged Vibieffe catalogue which has hundreds of fabrics and leathers to choose from. If you are looking for a particular cover or finishing, feel free to contact us and we'll be pleased to help you.