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Pelli Milano

A wide range of colours, warm and sunny or cold and elegant, for cozy proposals with a strong personality. They can suit any kind of upholstery, assuring pleasant feel and long-term resistance.

Milano Collection

Vibieffe Leather covers are made from top quality leather, extremely well-finished and exceptionally pleasant to the touch. Vibieffe Leather is available in dozens and dozens of different colours, in neutral, vivid, trendy shades.

Leather, the most elegant, versatile and resistant cover

Leather covers are ideal for an interior design full of character in both contemporary and traditional spaces. Thanks to the wide array of colours available, from neutral to vivid shades, Vibieffe leather sofas and armchairs are the perfect choice for both informal and very elegant spaces.

Leather is the perfect solution if you want to add a distinctive touch to your upholstered sofa or armchair, bringing a fine and warm feel to your interior design. Leather covers can fit every piece of Vibieffe upholstered furniture and can guarantee a durable pleasant feel.

Leather covers, a durable and safe choice

Vibieffe Leather covers are made from European raw hides. Products used to dye, tan and finish are used in full compliance with the EU regulations and are not toxic to human health. Leather thickness is 1-1,2mm and the average surface is 5sq meters.

Leather covers are available in a wide array of colours, from warm and bright colours to colder and elegant shades.

Vibieffe Leather covers are suitable for every Vibieffe sofa, armchair, small armchair, chair, sofa bed, bed, ottoman, chaise-longue, furnishing accessory to design your living room, lounge rooms, kitchen in your home, holiday house, office as well as hotels, self-catering apartments, events and scenic design.

All Vibieffe covers have been designed to be completely removable from the piece of furniture they cover, easy to maintain and can be totally replaced if needed, for a longer life of upholstered furniture.

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