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Maintenance – Leather luxury covers

A regular cleaning is advisable for leather covers, with a soft and clean cloth.
  • use of detergents, soaps, oils, cleansers, alcohol, ammonia, etc.
  • vacuum cleaners
  • direct exposure to sun rays or light sources
  • contact of the leather surface with hot objects (glasses, bottles, etc) and portable computers
  • extreme proximity to heat sources (at least 50cm)
  • exposing leather outdoors
  • leaving magazines or newspapers on the leather. The ink may be absorbed
  • use of garments that may lose their colour (jeans, etc.)

Maintenance – Leather covers Pelle Milano

To clean Pelle Milano you can use a soft cloth, slightly dampened with water and a little neutral soap
  • Rub it on gently over the leather
  • Dry the surface right away using a soft, dry cloth.