Vibieffe manufactures and designs italian style lamps, floor or table lamps of typical Italian design.

Lamps for design furnishings made in Italy

The 7000 Itinerari lamps series (Anello, Stelo, Torcia) has been designed by arch. Gianluigi Landoni, renowned Italian interior designer.

Placed next to armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, Vibieffe lamps won't remain unnoticed thanks to their elegance and distinguished Italian design. They can become the focal point of quality interior design at home, office, studio, hotel and business areas, integrating also with the other Vibieffe's furnishing accessories.

The E-Spirit collection

The 7000 Itinerari lamps are part of Vibieffe's E-Spirit collection, which is oriented to searching new styles by going back to shapes and materials drawn from the memory and the culture of the 1950s' Italian design.

Vibieffe manufactures and designs Italian style: sofas, armchairs, sofa beds, beds, furnishing accessories and designer lamps for top quality interior design created by Italian designers in Milan for a purely made-in-Italy style. Also for villas, hotels, offices and any business environment.