710 Pop Table, Italian design wooden or marble coffee tables

Vibieffe's 710 Pop Table is a series of Italian design coffee tables, available in different sizes and heights.

The agreeable and refined round shapes of their wooden or marble tops and their essential and contemporary legs characterize these coffee tables. An ideal choice to complete sofas and armchairs from their same 710 Pop collection, the 710 Pop Table coffee tables are excellent design solutions as furnishing accessories.

Resembling islands in front of the sofas, like floating surfaces, the 710 Pop_Table coffee tables play with tops that fly over your lounge's floor.

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710 Pop, the expression of Italian design's "pensée unique"

Vibieffe's 710 Pop collection includes 710 Pop sofa and armchair, which can be combined in different sizes and layouts. The collection is enriched by 710 Pop Table coffee tables, available in different heights.

The 710 Pop series has been designed by arch. Gianluigi Landoni, renowned Italian interior designer. The coffee tables' main features are their tops' shape and legs' design. The combination of the table tops' shapes can create 'islands' in front of the sofas. The idea behind these tables' design is to create surfaces detached from the floor, playing with tops that can 'fly' over the floor, where the coffee tables stands on tiptoes, almost caressing it.

Coffee tables with top quality materials and finishes

710 Pop Table are top quality Italian design pieces of furniture. The coffee tables' legs are made of steel with brass, copper and burnished finishes. Their tops are made of particleboard with polished lacquered finish in different colors, or marble.

You can create combinations by matching multiple coffee tables, playing with shapes, materials and colours, creating new spaces, geometries and solutions.

Coffee tables for your Italian design home, office and business spaces

Vibieffe's 710 Pop coffee tables can be introduced as furnishing accessories beside sofas, armchairs, sofa beds to bring style, fineness, functionality, quality and attention to details, typical characteristics of made in Italy, to your home's, studio's and office's furniture, just as to the most elegant hotels or any other business space.

The E-Spirit collection

710 Pop coffee tables are part of Vibieffe's E-Spirit collection, which is oriented to searching new styles by going back to shapes and materials drawn from the memory and the culture of the 1950s' Italian design.

E stands for Evocation of our culture and our memory. E is for Evolution of a design and a style that draw their inspiration from the past. E is for Emotion that grows from the search of details that can turn an object into a unique element within your home. Thanks to the skillful combination of materials and shapes made contemporary, the E_Spirit collection characterizes a contemporary and sophisticated home style with the exclusive touch of made in Italy style.

Vibieffe manufactures and designs Italian style: sofas, armchairs, sofa beds, beds, furnishing accessories and designer lamps for top quality interior design created by Italian designers in Milan for a purely made-in-Italy style. Also for villas, hotels, offices and any business environment.