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Modern comes from the need to redesign a minimal form with classicism elements. The idea was inspired by a simple and clear presentation of the structure, in which you insert the soft and enveloping cushions. The characteristic trait of Modern is the contrast between these two elements. A wide choice of modules allows to create different configurations. The project is enhanced with the addition of the armrests in two different sizes. The foot in Modern embodies the idea of the project, clearly inspired by the 50's looks like a stylet where we find the simplicity of form and refined combinations finishes. The ability to adapt to different customer needs, make Modern a versatile program, both for comfort and for modularity, ideal for home environment and contract.

Design: Gianluigi Landoni


The project of Con_Tempo made Vibieffe think. The stylistic values in play are simple: a large modularity, an infinite planning, a versatility for all situations: Con_Tempo comes to be the sofa for every house and each environment. The wraparound armrest and at the same time with contained dimensions give more space to the seat that seems important and extremely welcoming. The clean forms of Con_Tempo are highlighted by a matching profile. The classic foot in brass with cylindrical shape confers unique character to the model.

Design: Altrodesign


Hi_Story is our story, it is the culture of the sofa: the memory that runs back into the past. A slender and modern form characterizes the structure of the wing profile that slips the rounded shapes of the classical and embracing the rigor of modernity. We find the softness, its classicism, in the cushions of the seat and backrest filled in feather. The feet in solid wood defines the outline of the sofa highlighting its silhouette. It hasn’t a classic location, it is a perfect sofa in every situation, ideal to accommodate a family or to enrich a lounge.

Design: Altrodesign


With A_Round we define the product that enriches those spaces dedicated to the reception. Designed to decorate a corner, they are also nice as sittings. Essential at the start: the brass plinth, the side-cut surface, the pleating cover that enriches the form.

Design: Altrodesign


The story continues. The Pop collection is enriched with Pop_Table in different heights. The top shapes create “central islands” to the sofas. The project starts from the idea of creating surfaces raised from the ground: playing with tops “flying over” the floor, which leans on tiptoe, almost caressing it. Precious finishes, such as brass, copper and bronze feet, enrich the tops that as a game, fit together creating new spaces and geometries.

Design: Gianluigi Landoni

9350 HIM & HER

Around the sofa, life needs of its actors: the Him & Her tables welcome our items, take us on an evening, completing a situation quite well thanks to their very essential size. The craftsmanship gives each piece a particular uniqueness, making exclusive finishing piece by piece.

Design: Gianluigi Landoni

9425 CROSS

The collection Cross brings the attention to the center of the room where the interplay of surfaces with support rods create a network in which each element merges into the other. The game that comes from the intersection of different heights, different sizes and different finishes creates a sophisticated and precious architecture that fits well in different environments.

Design: Gianluigi Landoni


As frames, the shelves Profile define a space and leave the object that is placed inside them, the opportunity to tell and to show itself fully. The elegance of satin or burnished brass makes this object precious and elegant.

Design: Gianluigi Landoni



E_Spirit Book is the essence of the 2017 collection, in it we can find all the values of the collection: classic, modernity, attention to detail, materials intersections, modularity. E_Spirit Book is endlessly modular and can lean on the floor or be fixed to the wall. It can enrich a wall or enrich the space around the living room.

Design: Gianluigi Landoni