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With the new collection E_Spirit, Vibieffe searches new styles by going back to shapes and materials drawn from the memory and the culture of projects that date back to the 1950's.

The collection's name refers to multiple ideas and summarizes the different characters of Vibieffe's new proposal for interior design: E stands for Evocation of our culture and our memory. E is for Evolution of a design and a style that draw their inspiration from the past. E is for Emotion which grows from the search of details that can turn an object into a unique element within your home.

Contemporary and sophisticated

Thanks to the skillful combination of materials and shapes made contemporary, the E_Spirit collection characterizes a contemporary and sophisticated home style. The use of marble, brass, glossy or matte varnished wood, the hardness of frames that accompanies the softness of paddings are the secret behind the skillful contrast in matching the elements.

All this makes the E_Spirit collection distinctive and reassuring at the same time, able to E_voke both modern and classical home styles, giving new E_xpression to the values of living together.