1850 Wave, metal and leather armchair

Vibieffe 1850 Wave is a metal and leather armchair.

All the armchairs and furnishing accessories have been designed with the utmost attention to style, fineness, quality and care for details that are typical of Interior Design Made in Italy.

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High-back or low-back armchair or chair for your home, office, hotel

1850 Wave is a series of three models of armchair: high-back armchair, low-back armchair and chair; they all have a laser cut painted metal and a leather cover, available in three colours: natural leather, brown and black.

1850 Wave has a contemporary feel delivered by the regular and formal design of its metal frame; the armchair and chair are suitable for formal, contemporary and urban spaces such as offices.

Armchair and chair for urban contemporary and dinamic spaces

Designed to furnish living rooms and lounge rooms, 1850 Wave is the ideal armchair or chair also for apartments, holiday houses, hotels, self-catering apartments as well as events, scenic design and photo shoots.

Vibieffe manufactures sofas, armchairs, sofa beds and furnishing accessories in Lissone and provides interior design solutions for living rooms, lounge rooms and bedrooms in your home, holiday houses, villas, hotels or self-catering apartments, scenic design, events and photo shoots.