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A wide choice of different models in order to meet and satisfy different needs, choices and desires. Mattresses with springs, latex or polyurethane foam in different densities: very high-quality proposals, guaranteed and certified, coated with anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-mite fabrics, which can ensure hygiene, elasticity, ergonomics and breathability.



High traspiring composite product made of a moulded supporting 15 cms high sheet of Aqupur, in density 40; intermediate pad of 2 cms of exploded foam to air the plane. 3 cms of Memory Forma ultra density which grant an extraordinay comfort.


Mattress produced by the high-density water-foamed polyurethane Aqupur density 40 endowed with exceptional resilience. This is combined with viscoelastic foam density 45 to which natural soya-bean substances are added. The particular shape of the plane gives a total versatility. It's completely transpiring and thanks to its open-cell structure garants a fast dispersion of the heat and the humidity.


Mattress in foam latex extracted from Hevea Brasiliensis, 95% natural. Available with cover in Amicor fabric, anti-acarus and anti-bacterial, with single zip or with 3D transpiring band and 2 zips.


Mattress with a system of springs individually wrapped up in bags divided in 7 differentiated areas, so each spring can react independent to the body pressure. A layer of 3cm slab expanded polyurethane per side grants a further comfort. It's available in fixed hem version and with removable Tencel fabric with single zip or with 3D transpiring band with 2 zips.

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