Mechanisms, mattresses and bed frames

Sofa beds by Vibieffe

Vibieffe designs and manufactures top quality sofa beds to furnish your living rooms and bedrooms with versatility combined with the style, fineness, quality and care for details that are typical of the excellence and best Interior Design made in Italy.

Transformable sofa beds by Vibieffe are ideal to furnish your home, holiday houses, hotels, villas or self-catering apartments but also for events, scenic design and photo shoots.

Modular sofa beds with customizable covers

All sofa beds by Vibieffe are customizable according to the room they are destined to. All models can be transformed by changing various details in order to fit your room perfectly. Vibieffe sofa beds can also be customized and made unique choosing from an endless range of covers available in the trendiest colours. Covers are available in the most requested materials: leather, cotton, linen and other fibres, all of which are top quality handcrafted, sartorial products.

All covers are removable and washable. Cushions can be filled with polyurethane, feather, or goose down, depending on the sofa bed model.

Sofa bed closing and opening mechanisms are designed and tested for a long-term performance: elastic belts, electro-welded bedsprings, wooden slats for the "eco-wood" model; mechanisms are also made with materials in compliance with Environmental Laws, non-toxic or harmful to human beings.

High quality mattresses, guaranteed and certified, are available with springs or made of latex, or differing-density polyurethane foams, Memory or Waterlily, covered with antibacterial, anti-dust mite and anti-fungal fabrics which can guarantee hygiene, elasticity, ergonomics and breathability.

Sofa beds for your home, holiday house, hotel and self-catering apartment

Vibieffe manufactures sofas, armchairs, sofa beds and furnishing accessories in Lissone and provides interior design solutions for living rooms, lounge rooms and bedrooms in your home, holiday houses, villas, hotels or self-catering apartments, scenic design, events and photo shoots.